Academic Misconduct Literature Check (AMLC)

Product Introduction

Widely used: The first academic misconduct check system that could be widely used for university dissertations and magazine submission in China.

Advanced technology: The system adopts CNKI in-house technology of research and development, processing the feature words at sentence level, analyzing the structure and characteristics of the sentence, and realizing in-depth check of the content.

Abundant resources, frequent updates, clear copyright: The full-text comparison database has the largest amount of resources with complete categories and regular updates, covering Internet resources, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan resources, English resources, etc.

Product Features

1. Fast, accurate and professional literature check

The system adopts “adaptive multi-step fingerprint analysis technology” based on the content understanding, which ensures the accuracy of the system in the algorithm and index structure, increasing the convenience, accuracy and professionalism of the literature detection with advanced form testing technology, cross-language detection technology, multilingual literature detection technology, technology of automatic identification and judgment of core views, transformation, recognition and detection technology of Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, technology of tracing the source of the detection content, detection technology for distinguishing reference and non reference content, etc.

2. Massive and rich full-text comparison resources

· 120 million: articles from China Integrated Knowledge Resources Database, including academic journals, doctoral dissertations & masters’ theses, reference works, proceedings of conference, etc. since 1915, covering basic research, applied basic research and engineering technology in various disciplines.

· More than 90 million English literature resources

· About 3.3 billion Internet resources

· About 3 million minority language literature resources

· Tens of thousands of e-books

· Open access resources