China Patent Full-text Database(SCPD)

17.7 million patents since 1985

· Includes three sub-databases of invention patents, utility model patents and product design patents.

· Collects all patents published by Intellectual Property Publishing House of China State Intellectual Property Office.

· The most complete and accurate patent database composed of images and texts, and the only database associated with technology research and technological output in China.

Product Strengths

Multiple search methods: search by application number, application date, publication number, publication date, patent name, abstract, classification number, applicant, inventor, address, patent agency, patent agent, priority, etc.

Multiple navigation methods: navigation by International Patent Classification (IPC) for invention patent and utility model, and Appearance Design Classification for product design patent.

Professional knowledge compilation: customized service for individuals, professionals, digital libraries and enterprises.

Patent network: the knowledge node of patents provides various information such as relevant patents, scientific achievements, Chinese and international standards, and academic literature.