Journal Translation Project

Characteristic of Resource

Top Project

JTP aims to help non-Chinese speaking scholars to access Chinese research findings by selecting and translating top Chinese academic journals.

Top Journals

Top journals are selected considering their impact factors, journal ranking, SCI, SSCI & EI indexing and the evaluation of Academic Advising Committee.

Top Articles

The selected articles reflect Chinese academic innovation on the international research frontiers and the significant issues of Chinese politics, economy, and culture.

Top Translation

Top translators, editors, and QC experts from renowned universities and research institutions, with excellent academic background and proficiency in Chinese-English translation

Top Value-added Services

A. Four versions of on-line reading: English, Chinese, side-by-side bilingual, pop-up bilingual

Novelty Point: reflecting the most valuable part of the article

Knowledge Link: online explanation of the key knowledge points

Academic Progress: summarizing the key contents and rephrasing it in the form of news release