China Reference Works Online

10,663 volumes from 300 publishers, 20 million entries and 1 million graphics since 1965

Complete Coverage

Collects 10,663 reference works from 300 renowned China publishers, and including 20 million entries and 1 million pictures.

Covers various types of reference works, including dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, atlas, chronicles, manuals, etc.

65% of the reference works are exclusively licensed to CNKI.

37 special-subject databases, reflecting the essence of Chinese culture, ethnic customs, and the development of various industries and disciplines in China.

Well-written and well-illustrated content

Covers massive amount of pictures on various fields of Chinese culture with detailed descriptions, such as archeology, traditional arts, historical events, ancient architecture, unique animals and plants, a precious source for the studies on Chinese history, culture and geographic feature.

Precision, Authority, Credibility

Collected titles are all compiled by experts and published by famous publishers.

A precise and authoritative online source for referencing and citation.

Knowledge links, ready for answering questions

The correlated knowledge links built among entries in Reference Works can be used when reading articles in journals, dissertations, proceedings and newspapers.