Tongfang Professional Information System (TPI)

TPI resource construction and management system is a large-scale intelligent content management system based on unstructured document management, which is independently developed by Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing). It is a comprehensive solution for creating, producing, managing, maintaining, and publishing knowledge warehousing on a web-based platform. This system takes KBase full-text database management system as the core, and adopts widely used B / S browser retrieval mode and advanced three-layer C / S structure, which enables information management towards text, image, and multimedia, full-text retrieval services and webpage dynamic release. It is not only a tool for content management, publishing and value-added utilization, but also an ideal platform for all kinds of institutions to build digital libraries, document information systems and information services.


Colleges and universities

Scientific research institutions

Enterprises and government institutions

Product Function

1.Tool of E-book Processing

This tool is able to process various kinds of paper documents, such as books, newspapers and official documents, into electronic books easily and quickly through the process of page scanning, page image processing, directory tree editing and page compression. It can also convert existing print drivers for various electronic documents into e-books.

2.Tool of Data Conversion

This tool supports two conversion methods- data import and export, providing various types of conversion templates, which can transform data of various types into user required data type.

3.Classification Indexing System

This system indexes and classifies various documents, processes all kinds of digital objects into ordered resources, by which way provides intuitive navigation and multi-path retrieval for the database.

4.Content Management and Publishing system

This system offers content management and achieves functions of content creation, editing, management, version control, work, business process management ,etc.