Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge Service Platform

TCM platform integrates three database (Chinese herbal medicine, disease diagnosis & treatment, and TCM prescription) and four digital libraries (anticancer research, orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology and hypertension).


21 Chinese and English databases ( China Integrated Knowledge Resources Database, Springer Databases, Wiley Database)

Over 11 million articles with annual updates of nearly 300,000 articles, with the earliest article tracked back to 1920

13 resource types including journals, doctoral dissertations, masters’ theses, proceedings, newspapers, yearbooks, etc.

Covers several TCM areas including theoretical studies, clinical studies, common diseases, TCM therapy, etc.

Three Databases

1. Chinese Herbal Medicine Knowledge Base

Includes 10,583 TCM materials

Information: illustration, nature & flavor, effects, description, dosage, production place, the chemical formula, pharmacological actions, toxic & side effects, typical prescription etc..

2. Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Knowledge Base

Covers 931 common TCM diseases, 2,715 western medicine diseases and over 40,000 other diseases

Information: causes of diseases & mechanism, clinical manifestation, diagnostic criteria, therapy, cases, etc.

3. TCM Prescription Knowledge Base

Includes over 20,000 prescriptions

Information: prescription name, sources, effects, preparation, formulas, applications, cases, etc.