Century Journals Project

3796 titles, 5.48 million full-text articles from 1915 to 1993


· Selects 3,796 titles with extensive use and great academic influence.

· 5.48 million full-text articles, 1/4 of the total in China, making it an indispensible part of Chinese journalsa.

Research on social developments in a century

· Huge amounts of journal backfiles are still widely cited and CJP is an important source to study the social developments of modern and contemporary China.

· CJP articles stand for the highest level of research in various fields such as mathematics, psychology, archaeology, etc.

· Continuous publication over a century and complete presentation of disciplinary study all along the history.

Classical historical materials and core library collections

· Reproduces the developments of economy, politics, science & technology, and culture in contemporary and modern China.

· Classical historical materials for China studies, with special value for library collections.