China Art Library


① Five art themes: painting, calligraphy, sculpture, photography and folk art; “picture+ document” integrates art research and appreciation.

② “Featured Series” section focuses on masters’ works and themed handscrolls.

③ Covers cherished pictures from the very ancient China, completely reflecting the development and achievements of different arts in different dynasties.

④ Multiple browse methods: scaling up/down the original image, full-screen view, and self-adapting screen view.


① Painting albums and art pictures in the fields of painting, crafts, calligraphy, sculpture, photography, etc.

② Cooperates with top art presses, collecting 1000 painting albums and 150,000 cherished pictures.

③ 722,000 articles from journals, conference proceedings, doctoral dissertations and master’s theses.


① Provides teaching reference for art colleges.

② Facilitates the popularization of public libraries, museums, and exhibition centers.

③ Integrates picture research (artistic style, artistic expression, work interpretation) and theory research

④ Inspires your art creation while appreciating.