Academic Image Library


AcademicImage Library, one-stop access to academic image knowledge meta-retrieval platform;The platform can quickly discover and compare knowledge elements of academic pictures, improve the efficiency of knowledge acquisition in the process of scientific research , and have obviously advantages on research in such fields as archaeological excavation, historical research and art appreciation.


Up to 2019,the total number of images in the AcademicImage Library is 2.946millon:

① Collected 220,0581 images from China Academic Journals Full-text Database(1994-2019);

② Collected 74,5427 images from China Reference Works Online(1981-2012);


1. AcademicImage library provides concise and intuitive content of academic knowledge, which can help researchers quickly find the information that cannot be expressed in words or express obscure knowledge.

2. Take pictures as the retrieval entry, supplemented by literature review, to efficiently obtain the important knowledge points of literature.

3. According to the academic classification system of image feature extraction, accurate image classification is carried out supplemented by literature keywords and graph topic keywords.

4. Integrate and sort out knowledge and stimulate innovation through image comparison function.