CNKI Individual Service Introduction

In order to provide a flexible way of purchasing and using of CNKI resources by individual users and micro-institutions, we provides professional overseas
personal and professional card services covering a variety of resources to meet various special needs. CNKI personal cards adopt a variety of charging modes,
including physical cards and virtual cards. Users could retrieve and download CNKI's several database product resources and charge by page or by book.

Typical Users

Main target users of personal service are individuals and small overseas institutions, or as a kind of welfare benefits to members of institutions.

Individual users abroad
Scholars, researchers,overseas students, TCM practioners, data analysts, law & patent consultants

Small-sized institutes
TCM clinics abroad, R & D teams, research teams, associations, alumni parties

Gift cards
Oversea organizational users can also purchase CNKI International Cards as gifts or welfares, as cardsare more flexible in distribution and usage.

About CNKI international Cards

CNKI International Cards

- Typical Users -

Tailored for individual users abroad, small-sized institutes, research team etc.

- Applicable Database Categories -

China Academic Journals Full-text Database
CNKI Journal Translation Project Database
China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database
China Masters' Theses Full-text Database
China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database
International Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database
China Data Insights
China Reference Works Online
China Yearbooks Full-text Database
China Statistical Yearbooks Database
China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database

CNKI Overseas Professional Cards

$25 (50 Points)

$45 (100 Points)

$80 (200 Points)

-Overseas Students Card -

Tailored for Chinese students out of Mainland China. Meet overseas students' academic needs.

-Database Available-

Resources of 11 sub-databases of CNKI's five main databases including Journals, bilingual translated journals, Doctoral Dissertations & Masters' Theses, Proceedings of Conference in/out of Mainland China, Reference Works, Statistical Yearbooks (incl. Eng. Version "China Data Insights" and Legal Knowledge Integrated Database.

$30 (10 Downloads)

$50 (20 Downloads)

$100 (50 Downloads)

-TCM & Acupuncture Service Card-

Over 200,000 TCM papers & 400 acupuncture videos; Acupuncture video database, TCM knowledge service platform, Medicine & Public Health English journals Users are from American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Hong Kong Hospital Authority and Singapore TCM Association.

-Database Available-

TCM Knowledge Service Platform
China Acu-moxi Online
TCM Video Online
English Journals on Medicine & Health care
Top TCM & Acu Journals of China in bilingual version

$50 (10 Downloads)

$100 (25 Downloads)

-Mandarin Education VIP Card-

Overseas mandarin language schools, confucius institutes, Chinese teachers associations and Chinese culture centres etc. Users are from Education Department, Hong Kong, Singapore Overseas Family School and Branksome Hall Asia, South Korea.

-Database Available-

China Academic Journals
Doctoral Dissertations & Masters' Theses
International/China Proceedings of Conference
China Core Newspapers
China Reference Works
China Liveral Arts Journals
Basic Education Database

$100 (10 Downloads)

$300 (40 Downloads)

-Legal & Patent Affairs References Card-

For professional groups and user groups such as firms engaged in overseas legal work concerning Chinese law and patent standards etc.

-Database Available-

China Legal Knowledge Database
China Patent Full-text Database
Chinese Standard Full-text Database(Part)

$100 (10 Downloads)

$200 (25 Downloads)

-Global Architect Service Card-

Architects, interior and outdoor designers and other architectural design professionals from all over the world, as well as all kinds of related user groups that need to learn from and refer to Chinese ancient and modern architectural design

-Database Available-

Academic Journals on Architecture
China's Top English Architecture & Design Journals in AcademicFocus
Bilingual China's Top Architecture Journals

$100 (10 Downloads)

$200 (25 Downloads)

-CNKI English Resources Service Card-

English users around the world, including scholars, professors, research project team members, government personnel, enterprise research and development personnel, overseas students, etc.

-Database Available-

China's English Academic Journals (AcademicFocus)
China's Top Journals in bilingual version (CNKI Journal Translation Project)
China Data Insights(China’s Statistical Yearbooks Database in Eng. version)
CNKI Architecture E-books (books in Eng. Version)

$299(any 4 professional e-books in Ebooks & Arts Databases)

-E-books Member Card-

It provides China's excellent e-book resources, rare art books, picture books and other excellent books, which are suitable for professional scholars such as humanities and Social Sciences, art exploration, aesthetic research, etc.

-Database Available-

CNKI E-books
China Art Library

$199(subscribe any one academic journal of 2020's whole year resources)

-Individual Journal Subscriber Service Card-

It’s suitable for scholars who have long-term subscription demand for an excellent journal in a certain field. It is more convenient to know the latest online resources of the journal at any time and focus on the latest development trends of the discipline.

-Database Available-

China Academic Journals
Bilingual China’s Top Academic Journals

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