About CNKI International Card

To provide an easy access to CNKI resources for oversea individual users, small institutions and research teams, CNKI now offers CNKI International Card to users in countries and regions out of mainland China. Referring to this guide, users can purchase International Card and recharge their personal account at any time in any places to browse and download CNKI resources, without the limitation of IP login and permissions from organizations.

CNKI International Card physical card and virtual card (providing account number and password), both adopt the flow charge mode. Users can search and download different database products of CNKI including "China Academic Journals Full-text Database", and buy resources by page or piece.
CNKI International Card is a kind of product with full category permissions for individual users and small organizations, all users are not allowed to use this card for paid services to third parties.

Target Users of CNKI International Card

The main users of International Cards are individuals and small organizations located outside mainland China . It can also be used as institution gift card or welfare.
- Small organizations includes college departments, teaching and research groups, small organizations and so on;
- Individual users include researchers, teachers, medical workers, students, policy makers and others who have the need for CNKI resources;
- Oversea organizational users can also purchase CNKI International Cards as gifts or welfares, as cards are more flexible in distribution and usage.

Purchase Access

Applicable products of CNKI International Card

After recharging their account by international card, users can login the oversea site of CNKI to browse and download literatures at their will. Data resources available for users to download include:

How to purchase and recharge CNKI International Card

Recharge by Paypal
1 point=5 USD


Download Detailed Instruction

Pricing System

Followings are products which support CNKI international card purchase and their prices. CNKI will keep adding available databases in the future, in order to fulfill the needs of our users with a more comprehensive and high quality service. CNKI international card can be applied on following database products, and their prices are attached. In the future, we will provide more databases available for the card. We do hope that our efforts can provide you more satisfying academic assistance.

CNKI International Card Pricing List

No. Fee Points Products Product Code URL
1 $ 0.6/page 0.12 point/page China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database CDFD http://eng.oversea.cnki.net/kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CDFD
2 $ 0.6/page 0.12 point/page China Masters' Theses Full-text Database CMFD http://eng.oversea.cnki.net/kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CMFD
3 $ 0.6/page 0.12 point/page China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database- Dissertations and Theses CLKM http://en.oversea.cnki.net/law/default.aspx
4 $ 1/page 0.2 point/page China Reference Works Online CRFD http://gongjushu.oversea.cnki.net/oversea/default.aspx
5 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page China Yearbooks Full-text Database CYFD http://eng.oversea.cnki.net/kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CYFD
6 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page China Statistical Yearbooks Full-text Database CSYD http://tongji.oversea.cnki.net/oversea/brief/result.aspx
7 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page China Data Insights CSYD http://cdi.cnki.net/
8 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database CPFD http://eng.oversea.cnki.net/kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CCND
9 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page China Academic Journals Full-text Database CJFD http://eng.oversea.cnki.net/kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CJFD
10 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page Century Journal Project CCFD http://eng.oversea.cnki.net/kns55/brief/result.aspx?dbPrefix=CCFD
11 $ 2/page 0.4 point/page China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database CLKD http://en.oversea.cnki.net/law/default.aspx
12 $ 4/page 0.8 point/page Exclusive Journal CJSF  
13 $ 10/page 2 points/page CNKI Journal Translation Project JTPD http://jtp.cnki.net/bilingual
14 Special Price Special Price Online First Journals CAPJ  
1.For oversea users please visit CNKI oversea website
2.The balancewill be displayed as "point" on the website. 1 point = 5 USD
3.The doctoral dissertations and master's theses are charged with a mixed method, ie, When the price calculated by the page ($ 0.6 / page) is less than the price calculated by the article ($ 30 for a doctoral dissertation or $ 18 for a master's thesis),the price will be charged as the lower one.